Dias Karimov was born on 16 August 1983 in Ufa, Russia. He belongs to a professional music family; at the young age of six he had already taken his first musical “steps.”

In 1990 he began attending a dedicated music school in Ufa, with a concentration in classical piano. He graduated with honors in 2001. His special talent was recognized with a ceremonial entry at the New Names Foundation.

The same year, Dias began formal piano studies at the Ufa State Academy under Professor Nailia Chamidullina. He graduated with honors as an exchange fellow in 2005, having earned his diploma as a concert pianist. Immediately thereafter he was granted a faculty contract teaching piano at the same institution.

Participation in musical competitions during the period 1990-2006:

  • Prize winner at numerous state competitions
  • Certificate for “Best Interpretation of a Classical Repertoire”
  • Finalist in the international music competition “The Steps to Mastery” (St. Petersburg)
  • Prize winner in competitions for the best interpretation of Mozart and Beethoven sonatas under the aegis of the Academy
  • Prize winner at the Bulgarian international music competition in two classes, solo and chamber ensemble
  • Certificate from the Republic’s Bach Music Festival
  • Laureate at various youth jazz festivals in Ufa, Russia
  • Scholarship recipient from the Russian music foundation “Young Talents”

In 2007, renewed entry in the Bulgarian International Music Competition followed with the first-place award in the two further categories of Concert Master and Chamber Music Ensemble.

Already during his studies, Dias’s great broad interest in eclectic musical directions was awakened, in particular for jazz. He took private lessons under Anatoli Ivaschenko and Igor Burdukov. Under self-directed scholarship, he further mastered jazz theory and improvisation techniques, practicing with various jazz bands, performing in jazz clubs, and playing in piano bars.

He arrived at particular milestone in his artistic development with the conceptualization and teaching of his course “Improvisation and Jazz Piano” for advanced music students in the school of classical piano.

Also in 2007, Dias matriculated from a continuing-education program in Classical Piano begun in 2005. During his studies ensued a series of performances with orchestras: S. Rachmaninoff, Second Concert for Piano and Orchestra, conducted by Viktor Schadrin; G. Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue, conducted by Marat Ahmetzaripov; and A. Karimov, Concert Rhapsody, again conducted by Marat Ahmetzaripov.

In 2008 Dias took First Place for Piano Solo for his interpretation of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue at the international music competition “Musikal de France.”

In 2013 he graduated from the Higher School of Music Franz Liszt Weimar with a degree in jazz piano in the class of prof. Leonid Chizhik (Germany).

In his musical development, Dias’s father, composer and pianist Airat Karimov, has played a most central role. It was directly under his tutelage that Dias first advanced his classical-piano education. Notwithstanding many successes and the highly regarded assessments for his future as a classical musician, Dias chose to follow his heart, so that he applied for a post-graduate study position in Germany – because his love for jazz and his desire to study jazz yet more intensively and professionally were the stronger draws…